Q: What is the new Bi-Weekly Winter Share?

A: We are pleased to offer a new Winter Share this year that will run for either 12 or 16 weeks  - your choice - and will be delivered bi-weekly. They will be offered as either full of half shares and each delivery will include either 30 or 15 lbs respectively. 

Q: What will be in each delivery for the Winter Share?

A: Each delivery will be different but can include different varieties of potatoes, carrots, beets, turnip/rutabaga, onions, squash, cranberries, apples, and more! While most of what is in the share will be grown by us, there may be a few offerings (such as cranberries and apples) which may be sourced by local partners. 

Q: What if I cannot afford to pay for an entire Winter Share all at once?

A: No problem! We offer various payment plans. As long as you are able to secure your share with a deposit, you can contact us to set up a payment plan. 

Q: What is included in my CSA Full Harvest Share?

A: Our CSA Full Shares consist of approximately 1/2 bushel red and white potatoes, 1/4 bushel storage onions, and 1/8 bushel each of carrots, beets, and turnip. In terms of poundage it can approximate 25 pounds total of potatoes, 12-13 pounds of onions, and several pounds each of carrots, beets, and turnip.

Q: What is included in my Half Harvest Share?

A: Our Half Shares a almost exactly half the amounts of what you would find in our full shares with the exact same offerings (potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, and turnip).

Q: Do you offer discounts for reserving early or purchasing multiple shares?

A: Yes! We offer a 10% discount on all shares if booked on or before May 31st (with a deposit). If you purchase 2 or more full Harvest Shares (once time delivery), you will also receive a 5% discount. We do not, at this time, offer a discount if multiple Winter Shares  are ordered. 

Q: What is the difference between a sustainable and a conventional share?

A: Our sustainable shares offer the option of sustain-ably grown potatoes. Our conventional shares offer potatoes that are conventionally grown. Aside from the potatoes there is no other difference. All other offerings in the share are grown using sustainable methods, always.

Q: Generally speaking, what is the the difference between sustainable and conventional?

A: In short (because this explanation could be a novel), conventional growing practices are what is commonly used in large scale production farms. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are commonly used during planting, growth and harvest of the crops. Sustainable farming, although not organically certified, commonly uses organic practices, shying away from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Conscientious effort is put into growing the crops with care to the environment around it, bettering the health of the soil, the environment, and the people or animals consuming the end product.

Q; What if the farm suffers a crop loss?

A: As can be the case with farming, there may be a time where a particular crop does not perform to our standards and we do not receive the harvest numbers or quality that we anticipated. If this happens, Hobbit Hole Farm will either substitute a similar variety offering, increase the amount of another item in your share, offer a full or partial refund, or credit your account for another year. This will be done at the farm manager's discretion. In order to minimize the potential outcome of a crop loss, Hobbit Hole Farm trials all new varieties for a minimum of 3 years to ensure the strong performance of the crop before offering it our customers. Trialing for the 3 year time frame allows us to closely observe how the crop performs in various growing conditions, since New England Summers can fluctuate famously.

Q: How can I pay for my share?

A: We accept check for mail in purchases, cash or check for in person purchases, or credit card for online purchases (please see the Hobbit Hole Farm Store page). Please note a check must be made payable to Hobbit Hole Farm. For our Winter Shares, we offer payment plans. Please contact us to arrange. 

Q: When are payments due?

A: For Harvest Shares: At a minimum deposits are due WITH the receipt of both the order form AND contract. Balance will be due before or at the time of pickup.

    For Winter Shares: Deposit is due WITH the receipt of both the order form AND contract. Balance can either be set up through payment plans or paid before or                                           at the time of pickup.      


Q: When will I receive my share?

A: Harvest Share pickups/deliveries will be arranged for the Fall. Because harvest and processing time will vary each year for each crop, pickup dates are not finalized till late summer/early Fall (August/September). All customers will be notified once pickup dates have been finalized. In an effort to accommodate busy schedules we try to offer at least 2 pickup dates and times to choose from. In the event that you cannot arrange pickup for any of the available dates, we ask you contact one of the farm representatives ASAP to make alternate arrangements. If you fail to contact us to make alternate arrangements, and your share or shares are not picked up by the final pick up date, we reserve the right resell your share. The farm also reserves the right to keep your initial deposit and/or full cost paid on the share, at our discretion.

Winter Shares: Deliveries/Pickups will begin the week of Thanksgiving and continue bi-weekly for either 12 or 16 weeks, based on your choice. 

Q: What if I am away or unable to receive a Winter Share delivery?

A: That is OK! We ask that you contact us at least 3 days prior to your scheduled pickup/delivery to make alternate arrangements. We offer the option to either double up on a delivery before or after. You can also "gift" that scheduled pickup/delivery to a friend or family member (or simply have them pick up the delivery for you). We do still ask that you let us know (3 days prior) if you plan to have someone accept the share in your place that week. 

Q: I now have my share(s), what do I do with them?

A: ENJOY! No seriously though, please refer to our Storage page to see how to properly store your produce. If you still have further questions, or are not positive you are taking proper care, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Q: Do you have any good recipes to use for my share(s)?

A: Of course we do-our recipe section is currently in the works, check back for more updates!

*GOT A RECIPE YOU WANT TO SHARE? Please message us!! We are always eager and excited to try new things-we would love to test it out and share it with others!*

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